Hall of Fame

  • The purpose of the EBO Hall of Fame is to establish a position within the Board for recognizing those individuals who have distinguished themselves in noble and extraordinary ways while performing service for the Board and/or in related sports endeavors. The EBO Hall of Fame is not a classification of officials.  Induction into the EBO Hall of Fame is the highest honor and recognition that be bestowed upon anyone by the Board.

  • *Dr. Edwin B. Henderson ‘89

    *R Melvin Jackson ‘89

    *Leo F. Miles ‘89

    *Adam Scott, Jr ‘89

    *Johnny Grier ‘89

    *James Carter, Jr, ‘90

    *Joseph F. Harris ‘90

    *Louis R. Washington ‘91

    *Herbert Smith ‘95

    *Otis Thorpe ‘95

    *Reginald C. Holton ‘95

    *Reginald A. Freeman ‘95

    *Frank P. Bolden ‘96

    Vinna L. Freeman ‘96

    Lorna C. Morgan ‘96

    Bessie A. Stockard ‘98

    Larry Upson ‘98

    James Duke ‘99






  • Charles Agee ‘00

    *Murdock Schofield ‘00

    Thomas A. Hart, Sr. ‘01

    Elmer Patterson ‘01

    *James H. Vestal ‘01

    *Walter “Popeye” Wilson ‘01

    Boris Cheek ‘02

    *James A.” Spunky” Jackson ‘02

    Gene Gilstrap ‘04

    *Thomas A. Beard ‘04

    *Roosevelt McIlwain, Jr. ‘05

    Greg Steed ‘05

    Frank 0. Price ‘05

    *Alfred Forman ‘06

    *Franklin Baylor, Sr. '08

    Phillip "Reese" Morgan, Sr. '09

    Michael Snipes '09







  • Lucille W. Hester '10

    Willie "Stew" Stewart '10

    Felton Page '12

    Dyrol Prioleau '12