• District of Columbia Interscholastic Athletic Association

    Is the public high school athletic league in Washington, D.C. The league was founded in 1958. The original high school conference for D.C. schools was the Inter-High School Athletic Association, formed around 1896. That organization was segregated, and black schools in the District formed their own athletic association. Integration came with the formation of the DCIAA. For more information click here.


    According to Rule 1 Section 7 of the NFHS 2009 Rule Book: Each State association has the authority to make decisions and provide coverage relative to a number of specific rules and may individually adopt specific coverage relative to the following [Table 1-7] 


    9) Establishing a procedure to resolve games tied following the fourth quarter

     DCIAA Overtime Rule [Revised August 2013]


    10) Establishing a point differential to terminate games at halftime or thereafter and establishing guidelines to use a running clock when the point differential is reached.

     DCIAA Mercy Rule