• Dehydration

    Dehydration is something that needs to be taken more seriously. Referees are losing water during games and with enough water loss, (2% of body weight) their cognitive thinking could be impaired. This was research done on the football officials of the Southeastern Conference. Click here for the full Report


    Aerobic Training

    Aerobic training is the cornerstone of physical fitness because it enables the body to work longer, harder and achieve a quicker recovery. Best of all it burns calories and body fat! The secret to fat burning is increasing the heart rate to 65 to 90 percent of maximum capacity for 30 minutes. Review the Karvonen and Creek heart rate calculators below to determine heart rate capacity:

    Stevens Creek

    Karvonean Heart Rate Calculator

    >> information obtained from Bob Cannon



    In summary, eating properly plays a significant role in decreasing weight gain. Therefore, try eating 4-5 small meals daily to keep the body burning calories. Also research articles on how eating effects the metabolism!


    Sports Nutrition


    Rev up your Metabolism

    >> information obtained from Bob Cannon